Project & Heavy Lift Logistics

Riada is one of the global market leaders in the ocean transportation of extremely large and heavy structures. When it comes to transporting valuable cargo, for Riada no cargo is too large. Riada is an expert in the transportation of over-dimensional cargoes via various transport modes including; special barge, rail, truck, aircraft and vessel. All operations such as lashing / unlashing, securing of the cargoes and insurance services are being provided by our company.

Project planning

Major Projects require dedicated research. Experienced staff is taking all the necessary actions to perform accurate planning. The planning phase is crucial to the success of a project. On several occasions, intensive preparatory fieldwork is required before transportation can commence.

Route & Port Survey

Choosing the right parts for loading and discharging is one of the essential components of excellent planning. Riada consists of a highly skilled field operators team, who perform roads’ surveys, bridges’ measurements and assess suitability of the existing infrastructure for transportation of heavy, out-of-gauge items.

Heavy Lift Engineering

Our team plans the transport engineering part of the shipping process. Due to our extensive experience, we can achieve successfully all transports related with out-of-gauge cargo. Supervision of lashing, loading and discharging is a daily routine for the Riada Team.

Heavy and Oversized Transport

Riada core value applies quality and safe transportation of any kind of over-dimensional and overweight cargo using SPMT’s (Self Propelled Modular Trailers), Hydraulic Conventional Axle Lines, Semi Hydraulic, Low-bed and Extension Trailers, etc. These services can additionally be extended to installation, erection onto the foundation by using generation Tower Lift and Jacking / Skidding Methods. Project methodology is determined by detailed engineering studies to define the best technical and economical solutions.