Agency Service

Ship Agency Services

Riada Shipping is one of the leading shipping agencies of Libya today. Our activities include all ship and port agencies of Libya attendances covering all the ports and terminals. We are willing to assist you with all your shipments, irrespective of cargo type or destination.

Over the years we have grown to meet the needs of reputed shipping companies/lines, container vessels, tankers, car carriers, dry bulk carriers to cruise vessels and trampers.

Husbandry Services

Riada Shipping provides professional husbandry services in addition to the ship agency services in all  ports and terminals:

    • Spares clearance and delivery.
    • Crew Handling, accommodation and travel arrangements, prepaid telephone calling cards, etc.
    • Crew Medicals
    • Authorizations and permissions with local authorities
    • Ship supply & Bunkering
    • Follow up activities

Owners Protecting

With Riada as your protecting agent we will ensure that cargo operations do not conflict with the ship owner’s interests.

Shippers Advisory Services

We always ensure compliance with the respective Government regulations concerning export requirements and specific documentation, so that overall procedure is running smoothly.

Therefore, we are taking proactive actions in order to avoid inconvenience to our customers, providing correct information and  make sure that all type of cargoes are securely transported.