Discharging 1300 CBM of General Cargo at Misurata Port

Delivery of Wind Blade of 50m length in Turkey from Borusan Port to the delivery site in Aydin, including preparing of road survey

Our drivers preparing the start to move a number of sewage trucks to different municipalities in the South of Libya which where stored at Riada warehouses in Misurata after completing the discharge and clearance operations at port

Riada Express team in Italy just loaded the first container successfully to port of Misurata

The Municipality of Souk Ajouma Tripoli is thanking all parties involved in delivering the 20 x Garbage Trailers to the municipality successfully, Riada was responsible for the DAP and clearance of the trailers

On carriage to site of 140 mt evaporator to Abutaraba Desalination Plant, and erection of heavy pieces from heavy lift vessel onto hydraulic trailer at Benghazi port

Discharge supervision at port of Benghazi, including on-carriage of goods to construction site and aassistance in all related administration matters through local project coordination office, foundation setting of heavy pieces and transport of 205 mt transformer onto hydraulic trailer at Benghazi Port to site